A new word in providing quality support for sessions and meetings. Created according to the requirements of both public and corporate sectors, system has a wide range of capabilities: formation of agenda issues and voting on touch screens, audio and video support of speakers, system of stenography etc.
Video streaming of a meeting in a real-time mode with a display of information about speaker, time of a speech and presentation
List of agenda issues may include topics for discussion, speaker’s topics, issues for voting etc. Agenda issues may contain attached documents that could be immediately reviewed on participants’ touch screens
Review of accompanying documents, attached to agenda, in a full screen mode
Formation of issues for voting suitable for counting of vote weight. Display of voting results is carried out on both information screens in a hall and at participants’ desks.
List of all participants of the session or meeting with detailed information about each. Status of present and absent participants and user’s group indication.
Exchange of messages between participants, groups of participants, Chairman and assistants or administrators (operators), informing of Chairman about events during a session. Chairman’s opportunity to address assistants with typical requests: to bring water, call the security etc.
Ability to review detailed information about event: name, type, time, location and detailed description, depending on a type of event, it’s possible to use advanced settings and data filter by different parameters.
Display of help information, instructions, operation procedures of organizations etc.

Ideas generation

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